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  • Webs Total: Number of webs, excluding template webs
  • Webs Viewed: Number of webs viewed
    • This can be bigger than Webs Total since this includes webs viewed but deleted in a month
  • Webs Updated: Number of webs updated
  • Topics: Total Number of topics across all webs
  • Topics Viewed: Number of topics viewed across all webs
  • Topics Updated: Number of topics updated across all webs
  • Attachments: Number of attachments in all topics
  • Topic Views: Number of topic views
  • Topic Updates: Number of topic updates
  • Files Uploads: Number of file uploads
  • Data Size MB: Size of all files in data directory (topics and log files)
  • Pub Size MB: Size of all files in pub directory (attachments)
  • Disk Use: Disk use in percent
  • Users: Number of users
  • Groups: Number of users
  • Plugins: Number of plugins installed, out of number of plugins available on twiki.org
  • Top Viewers: People who viewed the most number of times
  • Top Contributors: People who updated the most number of times


  • Do not edit this topic, it is updated automatically. Update now.
  • When updating statistics of previous months, the following items cannot be measured and will be set to 0: Webs, Topics, Users, Data Size, Pub Size, Disk Use, Plugins.
  • Charts are automatically shown at the top if the TWiki:Plugins.ChartPlugin is installed and enabled (it is not) and if there are at least two months of statistics data. ChartPlugin version 2011-04-27 or later is required.
  • TWikiSiteTools explains how to enable automatic updates of the statistics pages.

Web Statistics Topics: AA, AAP, ACSAI, ACSAI.CA1.AA2021, ACSAI.Programming, ACSAI.Programming.AA2021, AN, ASD, Algebra, Algebra.AL, Algebra.AL.AA1112, Algebra.AL.AA1213, Algebra.AL.AA1920, Algebra.AL.AA2021, Algebra.MZ, Algebra.MZ.AA1112, Algebra.MZ.AA1213, Algebra.MZ.AA1213.AA1112, Algebra.MZ.AA1314, Algebra.MZ.AA1415, Algebra.MZ.AA1516, Algebra.MZ.AA1617, Algebra.MZ.AA1819, Algebra.Old, Algo_par_dis, Algoreti, Algoritmi1, Algoritmi1.Inf, Algoritmi2, Algoritmi_vis, Algoritmica, ApprAuto, Arc2appunti, Arch, Architetture1, Architetture1.AD, Architetture1.AD.AA0607, Architetture1.AL, Architetture1.AL.AA1112, Architetture1.AL.AA1213, Architetture1.EO, Architetture1.PZ, Architetture2, Architetture2.AL, Architetture2.EO, Architetture2.MZ, Architetture2.MZ.AA12_13, Architetture2.MZ.AA13_14, Architetture2.MZ.AA14_15, Architetture2.MZ.AA15_16, Architetture2.MZ.AA16_17, Architetture2.MZ.AA17_18, Architetture2.PZ, Architetture3, BD, BD1, BD1.MZ, BD1I, BD1Inf, BD2, BDC, BI, Bioperl, CI, CP, CSaP, CSeduA, CSeduA.AA1819, CSeduA.AA1920, CSeduA.AA2021, CSeduD, Calcolabilita, Calcolo, Calcolo_diff, Calcolo_int, Commissioni, Commissioni.Erasmus, Commissioni.Finanziamenti, Commissioni.Scientifica, Complessita, Corsi_esterni, Crittografia, Dottorandi, ELN, Ecdl, Economia_az, Economia_az.AA0411, Elab_immagini, Es_prog2, Estrinfo, Fisica2, Fisica3, Fondamenti1, FunWithAlgorithms, GFL, GIS, Gara, Grafica3d, IMM, IOT, IOT.AA1920, IS, Inf_giuridica, Info4stat, Info_gen, Infogen, Infogen.AA1011, Informatica_di_base, Ing_algo, Interazione_av, Intro_algo, Intro_algo.AD, Intro_algo.EO, Intro_algo.PZ, LC, LDPMat, LSEI, Lab_prog_rete, Lab_sis_int, Lab_so_1, Lab_so_1.AL, Lab_so_1.MZ, Lab_so_2, Labprog2, Labprog2.AD, Labprog2.EO, Labprog2ad, Labprog2eo, Labprog2pz, Laurea_magistrale, Legolab, Legolab.AA0607, Lidia, Logica_AD, Logica_PZ, MFS, Main, Metod_prog, Metod_prog.AD, Metod_prog.EO, Metod_prog.PZ, NLP, Nemo, PDSDR, PO, PSMC, PW, Prog, Prog_avanzata, Prog_multicore, Progetti, Programmazione1, Programmazione1.AA0506, Programmazione1.AA0506.AD, Programmazione1.AA0506.EO, Programmazione1.AA0506.PZ, Programmazione1.AA0708.AD, Programmazione1.AA0809.AD, Programmazione1.AA17_18, Programmazione1.AA18_19, Programmazione1.AA19_20, Programmazione1.AA20_21, Programmazione1.AA21_22, Programmazione1.AD, Programmazione1.EO, Programmazione1.EOold, Programmazione1.Homeworks, Programmazione1.Tutoraggio, Programmazione2ad, Programmazione2eo, Programmazione2pz, Prolog, Reti, Reti_Avanzate, Reti_Avanzate.AA0910, Reti_elab, Reti_elab.AL, Reti_elab.AL.AA1819, Reti_elab.AL.AA1920, Reti_elab.MZ, Reti_elab.MZ.AA1213, Reti_elab.MZ_20182019, SB, SD, SO, SO.SO1213AL, SO.SO1213MZ, SOM, SSI, Sandbox, Sis_centrali, Sistemi_inf, Sistemioperativi1, Sistemioperativi2, Sistemioperativi3, TC, TPFI, TSL, TSS, TWiki, Tangible, Users, Users.AndreaSterbini, VA, Vis_art, Vvse, Wireless

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