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NOTICE send me (sterbini AT di.uniroma1.it) your Telegram handle (used only for for last minute emergency communications).

Projects for the Exam: the student should develop 3 complete interdisciplinary learning units:

  • The LU should use 3 different programming systems among the ones examined in the course (or others, but first check with me)
    • Scratch and Snap are considered equivalent, you could choose only one of the two
    • at least one should use a text-based system (Logo, Scala or Prolog)
  • Submit by email:
    • a written report describing:
      • the age and class the LU is aimed to
      • the learning objectives, pre-requisites and motivations respect to the interdisciplinary topic (Math, Physics, Music, History, Gography, ...)
      • the learning objectives, pre-requisites and motivations respect to Programming
      • learning materials you give to the students (files and/or pre-programmed functions)
      • a description of how the LU will be delivered in class/lab
      • an evaluation grid explaining how the characteristics of project made by the students contribute to the assessment (sufficient/good/outstanding)
    • a file containing the example project implemented in the system of your choice
    • a file containing a "plan B" version of the same project (what you think is the minimal goal the students should reach)

The final grade for the course is the average of the 3 LU grades, which will be evaluated respect to:

  • completeness, clarity of presentation, feasibility, interdisciplinary learning goal, programming learning goal
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